Pro1 Racing
Konawa, OK 74849

PRO 1 ¼ Scale Race Car

Precision Racing Chassis
1. Frame structure: 4130 chrome moly .028 steel tubing.
2. Rigid design: Computer analysis of chassis.
3. Maximum protection: Impact resistance space frame design.
4. Finish: Powder coat .

Front Suspension
1. CNC machined upper and lower control arms.
2. Pro1 Ultra shocks.
3. Adjustable ride height
4. Proven steering rack design.
5. Heavy duty spindles, axles and precision ball bearings.
6. Sway bar.

Rear Suspension
1. CNC machined trailing arms.
2. Pro1 Ultra shocks.
3. Adjustable ride height.
4. Ridged pivot point connection for trailing arm assembly
5. Heavy duty rear hubs and 7075 axles with precision ball bearings.
6. Precision dog bone design, CNC machined.

Drive System
1. Zenoah engine
2. Dual bearing clutch assembly with precision ball bearings.
3. Low rotating mass clutch spindle.
4. 8 oz fuel tank.

Adjustable Features
- Front Camber / Rear Camber
- Toe, front and rear
- Ride height
- Sway Bar
- Shock spring rate and oil viscosity

Price: $1,595.00 fully assembled, includes illustrated set up manual. Less electronics and body.