Pro1 Racing
Konawa, OK 74849

Pro1 R&D

PRO1Z Engineering at work

The Pro1Z

The Pro1Z is continually being upgraded to assure it is the most
technically up to date race car available. All parts fit all cars,
this means that you can upgrade your Pro1Z with a minimal
of cost and modification.

2005 Pro1Z Race car

  • The 2005 PRO1Z
  • There will be all new shock mounts in 2004
  • The track bar in the rear will be threaded for easy adjustment.
  • New standard (BLUE) color for all powder coating.
  • Pro1 is always on the move trying to enhance it's products.

Fabrication and assembly

We are continually upgrading our fabrication process to improve
our products. Our chassis dyno, new fixtures for our
assembly process and our bumper "C" channel machine,
this machine automatically forms the "C" channel that retains
the bumper assembly.